About Us

"I don't fight, because it'll make my clothes dirty"

サプール コンゴ共和国のエレガントな紳士達 
La Sape, the 'Elegant Gentlemen' movement of Congo


Our Metal Butterfly took inspiration from La Sape, a fashion movement from the Republic of Congo. In the face of scarcity and poverty, they haven't lost their refined fashion sense and still enjoy a walk around the city in stylish clothes, dressed in a dashing suit and shoes. 


コンゴには長い内戦の歴史があります。同胞である市民同士、あるいは国民同士が戦い合う状況。いざ戦争が始まれば、サプールである彼らにとって何よりも大切な宝物であるお気に入りのスーツと靴は、それらの戦争により焼かれたり奪われたりして消えてしまいます。 「武器を捨ててエレガントに生きる」というメッセージを発信し続ける彼らは、いつしか「平和の紳士」と呼ばれ世界中に知られるようになりました。
While preserving their desire to maintain a dazzling appearance, they never neglected their inner quest for ethics and earnest humanity. Congo has a long history of civil war. Fellow citizens fighting each other, and countrymen fighting other countrymen. The reality is for them, once the war begins, their favourite suits and shoes that they've collected so hard will disappear in the ensuing war. "Discard your weapon and live elegantly", while carrying this statement, the people of La Sape movement, called Sapeur, received the title 'Gentlemen of Peace'. 

'We want to help create a better future for Africa together with Sapeur'

Having inspired by Sapeur, our first idea was “can we design a fashion accessory using the sheet metal processing technology that we have cultivated over the years?”. With our company 30 years of experience in metal processing technology what created from that aspiration is our Metal Butterfly. 

In summer of 2018, we took the challenge of crowdfunding. The result was more than we could've hoped for. We received ample of warm support and was even able to exceed our initial target Through other support we were able to complete the project. 

On April 28th of 2019, we headed to Republic of Congo to meet The Sapeur. Together with Sapeur, our goal is to help realize our dream of a better world and a sustainable development of Africa through Metal Butterfly.

Metal Butterfly Director & Producer
Shigeyuki Aoki