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あなたの人生最高の瞬間に、最も美しい蝶ネクタイを。~A beautiful bow tie for the best morments of your life~

The wonderful encounters and the best delights.


The unique bow tie you choose from our store will not only express your character and charm, but surely bring beautiful smiles around you!

「The gentle store」のユニークな蝶ネクタイは、

Quality from Japan

For your special moments, we deliver the best look and feel. That's why we focus on bringing the highest quality bow tie we can produce. Every step of our production are made lovingly with quality as our utmost priority.

ひとつひとつの作業に愛を込めて、最高品質の「Made in Japan」をあなたに。

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Nissei Inc.

11-33, Ryugasakichobu, Kawachimachi, Inashikigun, Ibarakiken, Japan

〒300-1337 茨城県稲敷郡河内町竜ケ崎町歩11-33

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