Agrias Claudina (アグリアス)

セール価格 価格 ¥25,000 通常価格 単価  あたり 

Agrias Claudina 税込価格¥27,500


【お届け時期】 在庫あり 即納可能です

【商品サイズ】 横11cm×6cm

・Metal Butterfly本体
(アルミニウム製 カスタム塗装仕上げ)



This model is based on the motif of Agrias Claudina, an alluring butterfly inhabiting the tropical rainforest of Colombia and Brazil. Given the name「ミイロタテハ」by the Japanese, this butterfly bares a beautiful passionate red color on their wings symbolising 'Eternal Love' and 'Zeal'. The band around the center of the bow tie is a snap button type, so you can enjoy the difference in design by changing the front and back of the bow tie.

[Delivery time]
Approximately 2 to 3 weeks for order production

[Product size]
Side 11cm x 6cm

[Product details / accessories]
Metal Butterfly body (aluminum custom paint finish)
Dedicated cosmetic box
Neckband (100% silk on the front and back)
Dedicated pouch (made of microfiber)

<Free domestic shipping (Japan)>

* The bow tie body is manufactured by hand, so the contours of the details and the color of the paint may differ from the photos. Please note.

* Because of the finish of painting, touching a hard object may scratch the surface and cause the paint to peel off. Please handle with care.

* A portion of the sales of this product will be donated to organizations that support the future of Africa (Terra Renaissance, Afri Medico).